May 7, 2012

KYU Shiai

Originally, a 'shiai' meant a fight to the death. Now, it means something more like a training to the death. Students who had tested for their first and second green belts on April 20 were asked to train for a morning as part of their kyu exam. After a killer first hour, the students worked on one-step sparring techniques.

March 22, 2012

Some pictures of our students with their new kyu certificates and their new belts. I also threw in a few of students during the karate class we had yesterday after handing out belts.
On March 9, 2012, we held kyu (belt) testing for the students. Most of them are demonstrating very strong work ethic and focus in class, and they looked like true karateka during their kyu testing. I had to heavily crop the photos because a lot of parents have not given permission for their student to appear on the blog. Please enjoy these! Sensei Christine

April 3, 2011

Killing Time at the Mall

Well, this trip is turning into a bit of an adventure. The bus has had some problems with the alternator and is still at a shop near our hotel, so we are staying in Mesa for one more night.

This morning the students participated in the final training session of the camp (for more info, look up, and then they got some practice with a small tournament. We did well, but the small divisions meant that we competed against ourselves.

To kill time waiting for the bus, we ate at In N Out Burger and wandered around the Fiesta Mall for awhile. We are settling in at the hotel for more swimming and sun.


April 2, 2011

Banquet Buffet

Saturday night: We all just got back from the pool. Before that we were at the karate camp banquet. I do not think that I have ever eaten that much good food. Lamb with mint jelly, every dessert that you can ever think of, even gelato. There was steak, Mexican food, seafood, you name it! Well, I personally had a lot of fun at the banquet and throughout the day.


Long day of playing and training

More pics from the pool

The group playing games in the pool at the hotel.
Matt playing around.
James waving 'hi' to the camera.

Wow! It is warm down here. The students are soaking up as much sun as they can between training sessions. Anyone up for some Maro Polo?

We are down in Mesa for a karate camp. The students have been very mellow and group-oriented, which makes an easy trip for me.